The global open innovation platform 100 Open Startups released today (23) the “Top 100 Open Corps 2021” ranking , which recognizes the corporations that most practiced open innovation with startups in the last year. According to the company, which conducts the survey annually, the number of open startups jumped from 13,092 to 18,355 in the period, accompanied by a 96% increase in relationships declared by corporations and startups, which grew from 13,433 to 26,348 from 2020 to 2021.

From 2018, the Oslo Manual proposed that innovation be identified and measured in two large groups and eight subdivisions

If Joseph Schumpeter is known as one of the leading scholars of innovation, who inserted this concept in the world of economics and, in 1934, proposed the existence of five types of innovation (products, processes, market, raw material and organizational), Keith Pavitt it is notorious for bringing innovation to the context of management.

Pavitt’s Taxinomy, from 1984, is still considered one of the main works in the area and gave rise to much that came afterwards. …

Check out tips that can help you differentiate yourself when presenting your startup to investors

If you have or think about creating a startup, you should already be familiar with the term pitch, present in the dictionary and in the daily lives of those who are in this universe: it is through it that companies sell their ideas, especially when looking for investors. How to do this in a short and direct way? There is no shortage of manuals that show the paths, but presenting everything directly is not an easy task. You have to be concise and convincing.

We listen to those who understand the subject to help you get the presentation right. The…

In the panel “What is the best way to invest in innovation in agribusiness” of the 12th Open Innovation Week (Oiweek), large corporations discussed the use of corporate venture capital (CVC) as an open innovation tool, answering a big question: why do large companies invest in businesses in areas other than their main markets?

The panel was mediated by Bruno Rondani , CEO of 100 Open Startups and Francisco Jardim , partner of SP Ventures, and three different corporations with investments in agribusiness participated — but they are not in these areas: Positivo Tecnologia, Bayer and BASF.

What is CVC…

100 Open Startups, consultancy in innovation ecosystems, exclusively shared with AgEvolution a survey about the companies that most bet on open innovation in the agribusiness chain in the last 12 months. The material will also be discussed at the OiWeek event , which takes place next week.

According to the study, among the highlights are BASF, in the Chemical industry; Raízen, in Energy; Unilever, in Consumer Goods; BRF and Cargill, in Food and Beverages; GPA, in Retail, Commerce and Distribution Services; iFood, in Digital Industry; and Corteva Agriscience, in Agriculture.

The consulting platform registered 154 companies in the sector and…

The September edition of the XII Open Innovation Week, held in partnership with SP Ventures , will focus on the agribusiness sector, bringing the visions and opportunities of the main market players to the present and near future of the themes Deep Tech, Digital Farm and Plant Based, in addition to cases about investment and the ecosystem of startups in the sector.

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About the subject :

Farm to Fork:
Open Innovation from farm to fork

With a lot of space and demand for innovation, agribusiness is one of the most promising sectors for the development of startups in the country.

In this Oiweek, we…

Since 2016, the 100 Open Startups Ranking highlights annually, the most attractive startups for the corporate market. As of 2018, we also began to publish the ranking of leading open innovation companies with startups.

Initially, the category of such companies in the Ranking covered only 50 names but in the 2020 Edition, we had a higher density level large enough that we could extend the list to 100 and in the process were able to name it as the TOP 100 Open Corps.

The 100 Open Startups Ranking and their categories are built from the collection of primary data, validated…

Executives, startups, scientists, investors, students and governments gathered to share knowledge, co-create solutions and generate business opportunities for the Great Challenges of Society and Markets.

Connect to the largest and most innovative open innovation event in Brazil, which now takes place in monthly edition.

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Investors realize not only the adaptability of these startups, but also the health that these businesses already had before the crisis

In view of the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, some projections pointed to an eventual reduction in investments in startups . However, what was seen in the country was another type of scenario. Investments maintained the intensity of previous years in the first half and point to growth in the second half of the year.

But why did this happen?

One of the main reasons is that, with the crisis, innovation is on the rise. The ecosystem came from a period of abundance, of growth, of good projection when the pandemic arrived. And, if it is true that the…

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