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2 min readMar 26, 2020


100 Open Startups curates free innovations to combat coronavirus impacts

In the current circumstances of uncertainty facing the world, innovations are even more necessary. Thinking about it, the open innovation platform , which connects companies and startups, 100 Open Startups , Whow! Partner, launched this week the Covid-19 Super Challenge | Coronavirus , to join companies, governments and civil society with the startups scientific community in combating the impacts caused by COVID-19 .

The platform opened its network, which already has more than 10,000 startups and 2,400 registered institutions, to rank, curate and connect startups and innovations that apply for free.

“Our commitment is to publicize each registered challenge within 24 hours to the startup communities and, in another 24 hours, to make available a list of mapped and ranked solutions”

Bruno Rondani, CEO of 100 Open Startups

Innovations in the fight against coronavirus

Registration of challenges by companies (of any size), governments and civil society, as well as solutions proposed by startups and the scientific community, take place through the website: 100os.net/SuperDesafioCovid19

“We believe in the power of collaboration and the network to face this challenge quickly, reducing its impact on society as much as possible”, adds Bruno.

Institutions with requests for open innovation

Ministerio de Comercio e iNNpulsa Colombia (Colombian Ministry of Commerce)





Banco Mercantil do Brasil

Liquid Studio

Merck S / A



KeepTrue Tecnologia ltda

Cedaps G&L Logistics Management

Arcellor Mittal

Sectors covered

Among the main demands of business, government and civil society, to date, have appeared applications in the areas of h ome office and telecommuting, s ealth and treatments; v airing , business and logistics; and education , information and awareness; entertainment; and mobility. See the full list here.


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