100 Open Startups
2 min readMar 30, 2020


100 Open Startups launches challenge to mobilize startups to fight coronavirus

According to the organization, Covid-19 Super Challenge is a call for startups, companies and governments to collaborate to minimize the effects of the crisis

The 100 Startups Open , open innovation platform that connects companies and startups , announced this week that it is offering free your system to launch challenges related to the crisis caused by the new coronavirus . Companies of any size, government and civil society can participate.

Today, the platform has a network of more than 10,000 startups and 2,400 institutions. In the form , each representative can explain what type of solution from startups and the scientific community is interested in connecting to better deal with the impacts caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Startups that are interested in contributing by offering their solutions can connect through the link .

The platform states that it is mapping various demands from companies, government agencies and civil society and will rank, curate and connect startups and innovations that apply. “We are focused on concrete demands from companies, government and civil society, organizing them in the format of innovation challenges. We will curate hundreds of startups taking into account the diverse regional demands. Our commitment is to publicize each registered challenge within 24 hours to the startup communities and, in another 24 hours, to provide a list of mapped and ranked solutions ”, reinforces Bruno Rondani, CEO of 100 Open Startups.

Also included in the form was the possibility for organizations to share which solutions have already been successfully applied and which they recommend to others. “We believe in the power of collaboration and the network to face this challenge quickly, reducing its impact on society as much as possible”, adds Rondani.

100 Open Startups gathers more than 2,400 medium and large companies, 10,000 active startups, 2,000 angel investors, 130 universities and 25,000 executives who collaborate in the categorization of registered proposals. According to the initiative, more than 7,800 businesses have already been established between nascent companies and corporations and more than R $ 600 million in investments raised by 410 program startups. As part of the method, the Ranking 100 Open Startups has been published since 2016, which annually highlights the most attractive startups for the corporate market and the leading companies most engaged in the innovation ecosystem.