4 tips to present a consistent pitch

100 Open Startups
3 min readSep 12, 2022


Learn how to put together a successful pitch to get new customers and capture value

A very common practice for those who work with open innovation, the presentation of pitch’s is directly part of the work of startups. But after all, do you know how to put together a successful pitch for investors? We separate 4 golden tips for startups . Check out:

Tip 01: Study your potential investor

What are his goals? What are the interests?

It is necessary to go to the negotiation knowing as much as possible about the person who will be on the other side of the table. Unpreparedness can greatly hinder the completion of the business. Study the corporation, the company’s core business model and what they are looking for.

Remember that open innovation is about understanding different processes for different goals.

Tip 02: Be safe and practice

Security is key when pitching your pitch to an investor.

To avoid connecting with an investor and making a bad impression, participate in forums , train yourself, present the pitch in different formats and, whenever possible, record the presentations. At Oiweeks, pitch’s must be up to 3 minutes long. With this routine, you will realize which points can be improved and which format is more attractive.

Don’t forget the technical quality of your pitch, make objective presentations and value your visual identity. Currently, open innovation forums are happening virtually, so adapting your presentation to this format is essential.

Tip 03: Go well prepared, be objective!

In a successful pitch presentation for investors , those who undertake must prepare to answer the investor’s questions in an objective, assertive and consistent way. We’ve separated five frequently asked questions and the answers should be on the tip of your tongue.

  • What is your business model?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What makes your solution different?
  • How much resource is needed?
  • Where will the resources be applied?

Tip 04: The investor as part of the trajectory

Cherish smart money ! It is very valuable for you that the investor realizes that he is part of the growth trajectory of your startup.

With prior knowledge of who the person across the table is and what they want, demonstrate how the investor’s expertise will be important to your project. How can it add value that goes beyond financial resources?

For Bruno Rondani , CEO of 100 Open Startups, “ finding the perfect match, in fact, is having the skills to make that opportunity a good result ”, that is, your startup needs to assume a position of exchange, openness and resilience.

Co-creation is the keyword for open innovation and understanding people, moments and processes will make all the difference to your business.