From 2018, the Oslo Manual proposed that innovation be identified and measured in two large groups and eight subdivisions

If Joseph Schumpeter is known as one of the leading scholars of innovation, who inserted this concept in the world of economics and, in 1934, proposed the existence of five types of innovation (products, processes, market, raw material and organizational), Keith Pavitt it is notorious for bringing innovation to the…

The September edition of the XII Open Innovation Week, held in partnership with SP Ventures , will focus on the agribusiness sector, bringing the visions and opportunities of the main market players to the present and near future of the themes Deep Tech, Digital Farm and Plant Based, in addition…

Executives, startups, scientists, investors, students and governments gathered to share knowledge, co-create solutions and generate business opportunities for the Great Challenges of Society and Markets.

Connect to the largest and most innovative open innovation event in Brazil, which now takes place in monthly edition.

what to expect at Oiweek

Co-create Solutions

Share Knowledge

Close Business

100 Open Startups

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