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3 min readDec 7, 2018

Educational processes have been modified and challenged society to think creatively and financially sustainable new processes within informal, formal and corporate education. The incorporation of new technologies in these processes challenges the already established teaching cultures, introducing information and communication technologies to the teaching to improve the learning processes.

The solution to most of the challenges in the area of ​​education can be achieved through active collaboration among the various actors in the sector.

Since 2015 the market has registered a great growth in the foundation of startups in the segment: there were more than 400 new registrations only in the platform 100 Open Startups. More than 50% of these entrepreneurs have declared paying customers or at least the products launched in the market, a significant number if compared to the recent creation time of these same startups.

Although it is an area that has many challenges to be solved and companies interested in these solutions, 86% still seek investments and report having as the main source of resource the contribution of founders and family. Angel investors and government agencies are next sources of investment in the industry, which shows the relevance of the segment to society.


We map together with over 320 large companies the industry gaps that startups can help solve:

»Technologies in adaptive learning, artificial intelligence and content recommendation methods focused on the specific demand of each student in their learning process;

»Solutions for greater engagement and increase in the absorption of student content in teaching, for example through tools to create learning tracks, active learning models, gamification tools and serious gaming, among others;

»Solutions to increase student employability, for example by connecting (matchmaking) between students’ skills and business demands, open curriculum, among others; or by stimulating the culture of entrepreneurship in schools and universities;

»New methodologies and teaching technologies focused on the greater interaction between students and teachers and external communities. Collaborative tools that provide interaction to stimulate creativity and learning among the students themselves, among students, teachers and the community;

»Solutions to reduce evasion considering the interests and objectives of the student;

»Alternative models of evaluation. New methods of evaluating the performance of students, teachers and schools;

»Mobile solutions for delivering content, for example in Instant Search (Quiz) or Massive Open Online Course;

»Collaborative project development, for example, through challenge-based learning or prototyping using the Design Thinking methodology;

»Intelligence Technologies in Big Data, Internet of Things, Analytics to improve internal processes in management and marketing of organizations.

»Digital education techniques, tools or platforms that address one or more subject areas of the official curriculum (including Language, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Humanities), and which benefit from new technologies and/or new concepts such as crowdsourcing and to improve the quality of education (mainly basic and technical);

»Inclusive forms of production and dissemination of educational content;

»Improvement of internal processes and improvement of school management;

»Improvement of the certification model;

»Continuing / constant education;

»Adaptation and improvement of experiences successfully used in other contexts and/or regions for the reality of schools in each country.

»Solutions for the empowerment of students and teachers using the concept” maker “of learning;

»Instant feedback tools to meet a generation that demands agility;

»Tools for monitoring student performance by parents: frequency control, schedules, available teaching materials, class schedule and school/family communication.

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