Braint Mentoring Case: Strengthening Strategic Partnerships and Expanding in the Cooperative Healthcare Sector

100 Open Startups
3 min readOct 1, 2023

We present an impactful mentoring case led by Renata Vitorino, an experienced specialist in Supplementary Health and Innovation, and her influence on the startup Braint. This case highlights the collaboration between knowledge and entrepreneurship, demonstrating how mentoring can shape opportunities in the business scenario.

Renata Vitorino

Renata Vitorino, with more than 14 years of experience in Supplementary Health, is a specialist in Regulatory Affairs, Innovation and Digital Health. Her work on the Compliance Women Committee and her mentoring for Startups such as 100 Open Startups and Distrito consolidate her as an influential figure of guidance and innovation.

Braint Startup

Braint is a startup focused on the development of Digital Products, empowering companies through personalized technological solutions. Its commitment to consultancy, design and development of web and mobile applications positions it as a strategic partner for companies seeking innovation.

Identification of Business Opportunities in the Cooperative Health Sector

Mentor Renata Vitorino noticed a great business opportunity for Braint in the health cooperative sector. She highlighted that, although technology is focusing on the development of new assistance solutions, there is a gap in the implementation of technological management solutions due to the sector’s complex regulations and the need for specialized knowledge in healthcare. Renata suggested that Braint identify health cooperatives and prepare a specific proposal to meet the needs of this type of company, seeking partnerships with national cooperative coordination bodies, such as Sescoop and OCB.

Recognition of Startup Qualities

The Mentor praised the Braint team for their responsiveness during the meeting and for clearly presenting the value proposition and benefits of the program. She highlighted the startup’s know-how and structure, predicting that once the necessary contacts are established, Braint could generate a significant impact on the real challenges of the healthcare ecosystem.

Strategic Alignment and Potential in the Unimed System

Renata provided valuable insights into Braint’s proposal, highlighting its adherence to the current needs of the Unimed System. She emphasized the importance of the “customer centricity” approach in the healthcare sector and praised the development of personalized and exclusive software with its own methodology. Renata identified a high potential for Braint to develop solutions for both unique and common issues in the Unimed System.

Progress and Strategic Partnerships

Throughout the mentoring, updates were shared about Braint’s progress in relation to possible partnerships and opportunities in the Unimed System. There were indications of movement and contacts with different areas of Unimed, demonstrating Braint’s interest and potential for entry into the cooperative health market.

Results and Acquisitions

Mentoring with Renata Vitorino had a positive impact on Braint, contributing to the strengthening of its partnership and expansion strategies in the cooperative health sector. The startup managed to establish contacts with different areas of Unimed, exploring collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, the mentoring contributed to the advancement of negotiations with WeMe, resulting in the acquisition of the startup by Braint. Mentor Renata remained on hand after the program, demonstrating her continued commitment to Braint’s growth and success.


The mentoring led by Renata Vitorino provided Braint with valuable strategic guidance to explore opportunities in the health cooperative market, establish strategic partnerships in the Unimed System and expand its presence in the sector. The Mentor’s contributions resulted in significant advances, including acquisitions and strategic partnerships, demonstrating the positive impact of mentoring on the startup’s development and growth.