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1 min readSep 25, 2019

Braskem Announces Selected for Acceleration Program

Top 10 startups offer social and environmental impact solutions

Braskem announces selected for its acceleration program

Petrochemical company Braskem announced on Tuesday the ten startups chosen for the new edition of its business acceleration program. The goal of the Braskem Labs program is to accelerate businesses and startups that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Four states are among those selected: Paraná, with Arla Fácil and Nanometallis; Rio Grande do Sul, with Silo Verde; Rio de Janeiro, with Disposable Toalet; and São Paulo, with Avitus, Intelligent Foods, Morada da Floresta, Tricycles, Polynano and Biosoftness.

This is the fourth initiative of Braskem Labs, which this year opened space for businesses that offer contributions to reducing food waste, such as Triciclos. In this exceptional case, the solutions do not need to involve plastic or chemistry required in previous editions.

In partnership with the ACE business accelerator, entrepreneurs will mentor throughout the year with Braskem executives and, at the end of the program, will pitch to potential investors. In the last edition, 60% of participants received investment or are in advanced talks to make a deal.