Bruno Rondani, founder and CEO of 100 Open Startups

Companies will invest $1.25 billion in connection with startups in 2023

100 Open Startups


In 2023, the forecast is that companies will invest approximately BRL 5 billion in connection with startups in open innovation projects . The finding is from 100 Open Startups , which has just announced the opening of registration for the 8th Ranking 100 Open Startups — which highlights the most attractive startups for the corporate market and the corporations that most engage in open innovation with startups.

“With the growth of Venture Capital in Brazil, and in the world, the success metric of startups has become very much linked to their ability to attract investments. Many market players monitor these metrics and give visibility to startups. The 100 Open Startups Ranking highlights the volume of business, the validation of innovations by startups in large markets, and gives visibility to the startups with the best performance in this validation. This focus naturally makes startups much more attractive to investors as well. It is no wonder that the startups awarded in the 1st edition of the Ranking raised more than $0.65 billion in Investments”, highlights Bruno Rondani, founder and CEO of 100 Open Startups.

In its 7th edition, published in 2022, the Ranking 100 Open Startups recorded more than 42,000 innovation validation contracts from 3,821 startups. According to Rondani, for this year, the expectation is that, with the recent entry of thousands of new companies in the innovation ecosystem, generally medium-sized companies, the volume of business will be significantly increased. “Our prediction is that open innovation contracts reach the mark of $ 1.25 billion transacted between corporations and startups”, she comments. It is expected that more than 10,000 companies, including corporations and startups, will participate.

Since 2016, the Ranking encourages and monitors the relationship between startups in the initial stage and large corporations in general. In seven editions, the Ranking awarded 850 startups, among which more than 100 reached the status of scale up, surpassing the mark of $ 3.25 million in annual revenue.

“The very existence of the Ranking is a stimulus for the growth of the practice of open innovation, as it gives visibility to companies that successfully adopt this strategy of openness to innovation, attracting new practitioners and encouraging these award-winning companies to invest more and more in open innovation. It is a virtuous cycle, in which the growth of the practice results in the growth of the Ranking, which ends up stimulating the growth of the practice. And as this is a win-win innovation strategy, as it returns value to open startups and encourages their growth, all of this contributes to the evolution of the innovation ecosystem in general”, concludes the CEO.