Culture Management: learn about tools to get your ideas off paper

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3 min readAug 6, 2022

Investing in culture management tools is an important step for strategy, both to identify failures and to devise new actions.

Working with organizational culture can be a complex process and requires building a solid strategy. In the culture track, we address several points that are relevant for the construction and consolidation of an organizational culture plan that generates good results.

Having an overview of the importance of action is the first step for you to awaken the force of cultural transformation within your company. However, with your strategy in place, you will need to stick to the tools that can help you consolidate your culture management journey. Check out the main ones:

PDCA Methodology (Plan; Do; Check; Act)

From your designed strategy, your transformation will need to go through stages that fit very well in a PDCA cycle:

Plan : The first thing to do is to structure your cultural transformation plan. It is therefore necessary to carry out a previous diagnosis to validate the strategy. In the plan , you will have to define the actions, such as structuring the team responsible for taking the actions on paper.

Do: After consolidating your strategy plan, the next item on the list is to get actions implemented. At this point, training with the team involved in the execution process is also necessary, thinking about alignments so that the plan is well executed.

Check : Checking which points of your strategy worked or not is of paramount importance to predict the progress of the culture plan. In this step, you will be able to carry out internal research on the actions taken so far. The verification process must be done routinely, so that failures are not forgotten, or worse, worsened.

Act: In the last step, after checking the progress of your actions, you must take action, researching and implementing new points, always with the thought of solving the problems identified previously.

The PDCA cycle must be repeated several times for its transformation to actually take place. That is, when completing the Act, go back to the first point and observe the evolution of your strategy and the new challenges that have arisen.

The length of the PDCA cycle can vary depending on the size of the company and the agility to implement and identify failures. In a startup, for example, this cycle can be done in even fewer turns. But when we talk about major transformations in large companies, this process can take years.

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There are several Canvas that can help organize your cultural transformation strategy, as well as refine your team’s initiatives and insights. The canvas shown below is from Fearless Cultura, a cultural design consultancy.

Change Canvas : Indicated for diagnosis of the current culture. With it, you can raise points that need to be eliminated from your strategy, as well as what needs to be created, accepted and preserved in relation to your current culture.

Culture Design Canvas : Looking for an overview of your culture? This canvas is for you! In it, you will be able to raise the mission, vision and values ​​of your company. In addition, map which are the internal initiatives that support your rituals and team engagement

Tension Canvas : Need to delve into behaviors found within your company? The Tension Canva is ideal for mapping which are the behaviors of your team that generate positive and negative results in the company.

Culture Management and Cultural Transformation

In addition to these frameworks, you can implement the Cultural Transformation Canva . You can design your initiatives and internal actions so that they support each of its pillars: Training; Empower; To communicate; and Reward, in addition to the example of leadership. What do you think about doing this exercise?