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2 min readJul 10, 2022


With a busy routine, it is often difficult to find the time needed for a complete training. That’s why AWS created AWS Training, a training platform with short courses.

AWS — Amazon Web Services, in addition to offering a series of technologies, has developed several courses and certifications with experts to train cloud specialists.

On the aws.training platform , students can find a wide variety of training, ranging from basic to more specialized levels. Within the platform, there are fast and free options, with courses available in Portuguese and in other languages.

Here are some options with up to 10 minutes that we separate for you:

Want to prove your knowledge to gain market recognition? Discover AWS certifications !

By Myrtna Kumov, Senior Marketing Manager for AWS Training and Certification for Latin America and Julia Facas Moreira, Digital Marketing Manager for AWS Training and Certification for Latin America.

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