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100 Open Startups
3 min readAug 14, 2018

The 100 Open Startups connects your startup with more than 900 large companies so that together you can co-create solutions and establish diverse forms of relationship, such as pilot projects, investment, acceleration, among others.

But for this universe of opportunities to open up, you must first arouse the interest of the executives of these large companies, which is especially difficult to do if you have no business baggage or have not presented yourself for investment.

If you want to make your proposal more attractive on the platform, this post is for you 🙂

Let’s go to the tips:

1. Brief Description

Think of it as a tweet or the elevator pitch of a single floor. The idea is that you can compress in just one sentence what your startup does, that is, its value proposition. For this, you may want to set aside some of the “how” or “to whom” unless you can condense this information into a marketplace or SaaS jargon as well.

The short description is very important because it is one of the few information that the evaluator has access to when he receives the card from his startup in the app as a match suggestion. It can set whether it opens the full proposal to read or if it discards the match immediately.

2. Logo and title

The look of your proposal matters too. The startup name can ideally deliver some of your product / service or even the industry in which it operates. In addition, it can cause an impression so that the evaluator can then comment with a colleague or the boss about you. If he can not pronounce or can not remember the name of his startup, even if he has liked the proposal, it can make it difficult to close the deal.

3. Pitch video

The busiest appraiser may not have the time to read through your startup’s proposal or even prefer the past content more dynamically via video. Take 1h out of your day to lay out 1 or 2 pitch minutes going through the most important points of the proposal and record with a good phone or camera. Remember to use a tripod, support, or ask someone to record you, so the video does not get blurry or blurry, giving an amateur notion. You can also choose to use a professional animated video.

4. Right tags

The information you provide in your startup proposal is what guides the matchmaking algorithm of 100 Open Startups. It is therefore important to think carefully about each of them, especially the tags, challenges, sectors and declared innovation trends. If you are more comprehensive than your solution, it can be presented to evaluators who are not really interested, and this can lead to negative evaluations. Likewise, if it is too restrictive, it can only be presented to a small group of people and lose the chance to do business.

5. Invite your network

Endorsing people who know you and your startup deep down is essential to winning new matches. Especially with regard to Open Corps sponsoring the program, as these companies have access to an active search dashboard, where they can see how each startup was evaluated by the network. A startup with some A’s and statements of interest certainly draws more attention to closing deal than one without validation.

Also, your contacts may be the “push” that’s missing for you to level up and start running for executives or even investors!

As 100 Open Startups is the Global Strategic Partner for several upcoming startups events in India and in this region, you will be invited for one on one meetings with investors and corporations based on your traction as perceived by the market.

With these tips, your startup will not go unnoticed 😉

Run to register or update your proposal at http://startup.openstartups.net