100 Open Startups
8 min readApr 2, 2020


Guerilla innovation: Hacks to add value to business units in the short term (based on their needs)

Blended training in innovation at UOC Corporate, with innovation agents from Vida Caixa, and which as a result of the Covid crisis19 we have switched to 100% digital

Guerilla innovation: hacks to promote business intelligence

SDLI Radar — Find innovation cases from all sectors.

Guerilla innovation : hacks to keep the innovation pipeline alive

Induct Software — manage your innovation pipeline

Guerilla innovation: hacks to improve customer and consumer knowledge

Guerilla innovation: hacks to communicate internally and externally

Guerilla innovation: hacks to manage internal knowledge in the organization

Guerrilla innovation: hacks to create and strengthen partnerships

Almirall Share — open innovation portal

Guerilla innovation: short-term actions to renew the confidence of innovation designed for the long term