Guerilla innovation: 20 “hacks” to continue promoting corporate innovation in the midst of crisis

Being a CIO of any company is a great challenge. The head of innovation faces multiple obstacles in his day to day . And with each passing day, it seems that the environment is even more uncertain , further unbalancing the famous innovator’s dilemma . Working remotely in the midst of the Covid crisis19, companies’ priorities are realigning, and your task to continue driving innovation may seem even more difficult. That is why today we talk about “ guerilla innovation “, a concept that I take the license to create in the image and likeness of the already well-known Guerilla Marketing (a concept that by the way Xavi Puig already adapted in this blog, when he told you about theguerrilla validation of ideas in your pipeline).

Crises are moments of change and new opportunities. Innovating in times of crisis is not only possible, but even natural. And today we want to take the opportunity to advise you on a few “hacks” to drive corporate innovation at any time.

What are these “hacks”? So what is “ guerilla innovation “? Simply, short actions that, with relative effort, you can carry out creatively to have a high impact on the organization from the area of ​​innovation. It must be said that innovation needs to be strategic, have the involvement and commitment of senior management , and think about the long term. But the innovation manager and his team should not stop thinking about short actions that demonstrate value that allow them to renew the organization’s confidence in the role that innovation plays in the success of its current and future business model. .

Obviously, these are actions that I recommend you do not only during a crisis like the one we are experiencing. They go beyond. You should incorporate them into your innovation plan in an orderly way, and with a strategic sense, to integrate them into the day-to-day of your organization, but it is true that they are actions that confinement cannot avoid doing, and that they can add value in a When the management and business units of your company are thinking about aspects such as:

  • How am I going to continue adding value to my clients?

These 20 hacks can help you provide the organization with answers to the key questions being asked to survive the crisis. Let’s go there!

Guerilla innovation: Hacks to add value to business units in the short term (based on their needs)

Innovation is meaningless if it does not add value to the business units. You need to find synergies, look for unresolved needs and challenges, to offer new opportunities to business units for today. How can you do it?

  1. It offers concrete short-term solutions to solve business unit challenges: Contrast with business units what their unresolved needs are and turn them into your innovation challenges . With them, it establishes criteria to prioritize them, and creates a joint work plan to feed solutions to these challenges, through a scouting task that you can carry out from the innovation unit. You can even send each week a summary of opportunities identified for the challenges of the business units.
Blended training in innovation at UOC Corporate, with innovation agents from Vida Caixa, and which as a result of the Covid crisis19 we have switched to 100% digital

Guerilla innovation: hacks to promote business intelligence

  1. Innovation radar open to the entire company : creates a digital tool in which anyone in the organization can share cases of technological and business solutions aligned with its strategic objectives. Visit our SDLI Radar for a first impression of what this radar could be like within your company.
SDLI Radar — Find innovation cases from all sectors.

Guerilla innovation : hacks to keep the innovation pipeline alive

  1. Does the company have half ideas without implementing or knowing how to evolve? With a minimum budget, you have digital tools at your disposal to validate them with potential users. I recommend you .
Induct Software — manage your innovation pipeline

Guerilla innovation: hacks to improve customer and consumer knowledge

  1. Hold virtual sessions to identify the needs of customers and consumers , their “pains” & “gains” throughout their relationship with your company / brand . Transfer this to a “ customer journey map ”, and share it with the business units, to turn the “ insights ” into challenges, or directly into solutions.

Guerilla innovation: hacks to communicate internally and externally

  1. Create an internal journal of the innovation initiative , open to everyone in the company, in which you share information such as projects, initiatives, people, news, milestones, anecdotes, learning, images …

Guerilla innovation: hacks to manage internal knowledge in the organization

  1. Virtual fuck-up nights. Create digital meetings in which an internal entrepreneur explains how his project has gone. More than success, especially learning. Almost that mistakes are better shared, rather than successes, in order to deepen the learning.

Guerrilla innovation: hacks to create and strengthen partnerships

  1. Get in touch with innovation managers from other companies , inside and outside your sector. Create synergistic projects. Identify good practices in innovation management that you can apply too. A very good option to meet other innovation managers is to sign up for our Co-Shake
Almirall Share — open innovation portal

Guerilla innovation: short-term actions to renew the confidence of innovation designed for the long term

In short: you are responsible for innovation and you have infinite obstacles. And also, in this environment of uncertainties full of swans, elephants and black jellyfish , everything is still more complex. The companies are reviewing their treasury and there is little room to think about the long-term future. But being responsible for innovation carries with it the responsibility of taking the attitude to face change, even in difficult times. So to continue driving innovation in the company!

Thanks for reading . If it has been useful to you, I appreciate you sharing on your networks. And if you come up with or are directly doing some kind of creative action to drive innovation in your company in these times of extreme complexity, please we would love to know what hacks you are applying!

Lots of encouragement, lots of effort, and good luck!



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