How Tesla Evolved Through Its Business Ecosystems

Dynamic Capabilities and Business Ecosystems: Learn about the strategies that have made Tesla the world’s most valuable automaker.

In the first text of the Bridge initiative here on the blog , we talked about how companies can grow and develop capabilities through business ecosystems. In today’s text, Fabio Farago, a researcher at FEA-USP who is part of the Bridge Ecosystem team, shows Tesla ‘s business strategies , to better exemplify how companies can grow from dynamic capabilities and present their development through construction. of a business ecosystem.

Learn about Tesla’s case for the dynamic capabilities and business ecosystems that have transformed the entire automotive industry. Check out the full article here

This is a production carried out by Bridge Ecosystem , a Joint Lab between USP and 100 Open Startups, which aims to generate new methodologies and tools for managing innovation ecosystems.

The initiative was created with the aim of generating methodologies and tools for managing innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of ecosystems and came in response to the manifestation of open innovation managers who pointed out that the practice of innovation could no longer be explained so well by theories, models and traditional concepts.

The management of innovation ecosystems is an essential topic for open innovation. Therefore, every month, the Bridge Ecosystem has a guaranteed space at the Open Innovation Week | Oiweek , the main meeting of actors in the innovation ecosystem to exchange knowledge, co-create solutions and generate business opportunities.

Published by Bridge Ecosystem Written by Fabio Farago — Researcher at FEA/USP




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