How to stay on top of key innovation trends

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4 min readJan 17, 2023

It may seem difficult to stay on top of the main innovation trends, since new technologies and solutions are developed daily. But, there are easy ways for you to update yourself on what’s new in the market. Check out!

Every moment, a new technological solution is developed and becomes part of our routine. They are innovations that have the most diverse purposes, the most diverse interfaces and that propose fast, complete and automated solutions. Thus, it is a little difficult to get into the wave of the main innovation trends at times. How many times has Instagram released a new update and you’ve been a little lost on how to use it? Well, there are times when it is really difficult to keep up with everything that is being developed.

When we look, then, at market-oriented solutions and technologies, the scenario of constant change is the same, but the difference is that no matter what your profession is, in a hyperconnected world, no career is safe if those who perform it do not stay updated.

It is no wonder that Corporate Education , based on network learning, has been a trend in the innovation ecosystem. That is, it is necessary for professionals to constantly update themselves on best practices, in order to continue scaling and strengthening their careers.

However, many people don’t even know where to start, and end up signing up for any MBA in desperation to show the market that they are looking for new knowledge. Don’t get us wrong: MBAs are great! But we have tips on other ways, complementary or not, for you to stay on top of the main innovation trends in your market, whatever it may be. Check out!

6 tips to stay current on innovative trends

Explore online courses

Outside of the MBA, there are thousands of courses you can take to learn new things. Especially if your area is support or at least not so technical, you can find face-to-face and distance courses in a few clicks and for a low investment. Universities are good places to start looking, but don’t overlook the potential of courses given by for-profit organizations or a video-class platform such as Hotmart or Descola .

Endeavor and Sebrae also have very complete courses on sales, marketing, service and finance, aimed at entrepreneurs, while CodeAcademy and ThreeHouse teach programming, all with at least one free initial version.

E-books: up-to-date and easily accessible knowledge

Another easy and affordable idea is to set a goal of teaching materials to explore. E-books on the most diverse subjects have become fashionable on the internet, and, in exchange for being part of the producers’ mailing list, you can get several of them for free.

Best of all, they’re quick to follow trends as the time to make and publish is short, so you can be sure you’re as current as possible when you keep up with them! Another alternative is to read articles by the most varied authors, on Linkedin, NaPrática, RockContent, Digital Results, and on any other platform with which you identify.

Aren’t you from the team that likes to read a lot? Then explore podcasts and YouTube channels

Today, social networks are not just for keeping up with famous names and brands. There are many people committed to creating rich and explanatory content, on the most diverse topics, with the aim of passing on knowledge. So much so that YouTube and Spotify are at the point of access when users want to learn and delve deeper into a subject.

Thus, you can consume tutorials and complete classes by video or audio, free and dynamic. It is logical that it is always worth researching whether the content producer has ownership and authority on the subject in question, since the networks are full of “magic gurus”.

Participation in events

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that there is some great event for your field happening every year in Brazil. Sometimes more than one. Going to these events can take business hours, but your company will appreciate the fact that you are connected with the ecosystem of your profession and trying to acquire more knowledge to apply in your day-to-day work.

In general, they are congress-type events, where you have a series of lectures to attend and networking moments to exchange experiences and tips with people like you. Update intensive!

Startups: creators of the main innovation trends

Last but not least, connecting with startups is a great way to learn about emerging technologies and learn, before anyone else, what solutions exist in the market for challenges your corporation is facing, or even potential competitors. Since they are, based on the co-creation of solutions with corporations and organizations, the main promoters of innovation in Brazil.

To get an idea, more than 42,000 open innovation relationships were accounted for between startups and corporations in the last year. From these relationships, thousands of new solutions were co-created. On the Ranking 100 Open Startups website, you can learn about the TOP Open Startups awarded as leaders in innovation in 27 market categories.