How training can generate results in open innovation

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3 min readFeb 22, 2022

Training is responsible for learning new skills, as well as being super important in team development plans.

In our last Culture article , we talked about the movement that intends to change (again) the level of Open Innovation in Brazil, the Open Culture Movement for Innovation , and the first initiative for this realization, the 100–10–1 Startups Program . This Open Culture movement has four pillars, very important for the consolidation of any culture: Capacitate; Empower; Communicate and Reward . Today, we will talk about how training can generate results in open innovation, and how you can develop this pillar within your company.

Open Culture Movement for Innovation

How does empowerment relate to cultural transformation ?

When we establish new strategies and cultural focuses, such as digital transformation, open innovation and intrapreneurship, to model an existing culture, it is very important to teach employees what is expected of them in terms of behavior and internal processes. This should be one of the first actions within a change management plan .

These transformations are usually accompanied by refinements of strategic planning, principles and values ​​and, in some cases, even the purpose of the company.

This training is essential to put everyone on the same page when it comes to strategy and culture .

Cultural transformation — or any major internal change — depends on this alignment at all hierarchical levels, from leadership to junior teams.

Network training

Here at 100 Open Startups , we did a great job in 2021 to refine and strengthen the company’s internal principles. After starting this strategy, we offer several training paths , with a focus on aligning with the teams.

This process of teaching about the company’s culture must be continuous, as it requires constant recycling, especially with the arrival of new employees.

The 100–10–1 Startups Program, for example, is the program that trains employees and executives in large corporations, based on the assessment, connection and mentoring of startups. It is the kick-off to involve an entire company in the practice of open innovation in a gamified and hands-on way .

From this training, employees, in addition to knowing insights from the world of startups for internal improvements, will make connections for future businesses and partnerships. In addition, the 100–10–1 Startups Program promotes mentoring processes, which generate a win-win relationship between corporations and startups.

Based on interactions and in-depth analysis of the evolution of the practice of open innovation in Brazil, we found that training teams is the solution for leading companies that want to generate value with startups.

In the next article, we will discuss how to encourage the engagement of your employees and how this pillar is fundamental for the development of a team that has a feeling of ownership. We wait for you!

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