Innovation scenario: why open startups keep growing?

Check out 5 insights about open startups and the innovation landscape.

Open startups will continue to rise

Open startups and investments

Profile of the open startups that generate the most business

A champion open startup:

  • It has at least 2 founders, at least one of which has previous experience in founding some other startup.
  • It offers services to companies from different sectors, learning to communicate in a specific way with each one of them.
  • It is identified with more transversal characteristic categories, such as HRTechs, EdTechs, Productivity, Artificial Intelligence or Big Data. Or else specialize in a specific category.
  • It has been in existence for at least 4 years, a business model initially aimed at companies (B2B) and already generates revenue, earning between $ 0.25 and 1.25 million per year.
  • Has or is beginning to identify with environmental or social causes.
  • It has more than 11 people on the team and is in a rented property, despite having already been through a coworking space when it had a smaller structure.
  • It has Open Innovation contracts with 21 to 30 different corporations.

Other insights into open startups and the innovation landscape



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