Join the world of open innovation
Startups and big companies together overcoming the Covid-19 crisis

June 29 and 30, 2020

Oiweek reaches its 12th anniversary as the largest and most innovative event on open innovation in Brazil, held since 2008. This year, it takes place in an unprecedented and 100% digital format, with the central theme “Great Challenges of Society and Markets” .

All the months, startups can follow a selection of the main active open innovation programs in the country and connect to the opportunities of leading innovation companies for the present and the near future.

Open Innovation Week What to expect

OpenTalks Live

The OpenTalks Live of the June edition will bring cases of engagement between large companies and startups to face the Covid-19 crisis and its consequences.
During the event, executives and entrepreneurs will share the space of OpenTalks Live to present the selected cases.


Digital Speed-Dating

The two-day event will also feature Speed-Dating Digital, meetings 1–1, 20 minutes each, with a focus on generating business connections! Meetings are scheduled directly through the event app, using an efficient matchmaking platform, optimizing your time for conversations that really matter.



Oiweek Digital will also have lives and exclusive rooms for companies and startups that want to highlight their solutions and services.

This is the ideal format for those who want to book a spot on the Oiweek lecture schedule and still have access to unlimited Speed-Dating meetings to accelerate their business !.


Open Innovation Challenge

Oiweek’s mission is to generate and enhance business connections, bringing together the main opportunities for connection and open innovation in the market.

For businesses

Enhance the scope of your challenge and hold Speed-Dating meetings during Oiweek Digital with the most attractive startups for your opportunity.


For startups

Sign up and connect your solution with the opportunities and challenges of leading companies in the market.


“It’s smart,
Its‘s effective,
Its‘s business.”

Fabrício Buzzati
CEO and Founder Omnize

Open Innovation Week
See schedule

June 29 — Monday | 10 am — 12 pm

Opening | 10 am

Opening Panel
Bruno Rondani , CEO 100 Open Startups

OpenTalks Lives

10:20 am

10:40 am

11 am

11:20 am

11:40 am

Speed-dating | 10 am — 5 pm

Panel | 3 pm — 3:20 pm

The pandemic impacts for contracts in general — especially in coworking contracts
Arthur Braga Nascimento, CEO B.ONUZ — Legal Services
Rodrigo Laquinta, Partner at B.ONUZ — Legal Services and Partner-Coordinator of BNZ Advogados

June 30 — Monday | 10 am — 12 pm

Opening | 10 am

Opening Panel
Bruno Rondani , CEO 100 Open Startups

OpenTalks Lives

10:20 am

10:40 am

11 am

11:20 am

11:40 am

Speed-dating | 10 am — 5 pm

Panel | 3:20 pm — 3:40 pm

Rodrigo Salgado, Innovation Manager Caixa Econômica Federal

* program subject to change

“Every 20 minutes,
a conversation and endless

Mirella Lisboa

Would you like to indicate an open innovation initiative by a large company to participate in the next editions?


Strategic Partner





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