Meet the 100–10–1 Startups Program

100 Open Startups
2 min readJun 24, 2020


The universe of innovation changes all the time. In order not to be left behind, it is important to closely monitor what entrepreneurs in your area are bringing news to the market!

The 100–10–1 Startups Program, an initiative of 100 Open Startups, is an experience and network training for those who want to qualify and build their reputation in the innovation game.

On average, for every 100 startups, 10 achieve success and 1 has extraordinary performance. This is called “ Law 100–10–1 of startups “. As 100 Open Startups receives hundreds of new startups every month, this means that dozens of them will be successful, especially if they have the support of people with market experience at the stage where they need it most.

At the other end, professionals who are linked to the winning trajectory of a startup with extraordinary performance, or to a set of successful startups, become leaders in innovation.

In addition to the experience of connecting directly with startups, being part of the 100–10–1 Startups Program guarantees a number of other benefits that will help you deepen your experience:

  • Access to Open Innovation Master Class
  • Support videos for deepening
  • Innovation information and news
  • Early access to studies and mappings carried out by 100 Open Startups on the innovation market
  • Exclusive group access to exchange experiences
  • Benefits Club based on your platform score

But, after all, who is the 100–10–1 program for?

The program is aimed at professionals from any sector of activity, who want to learn, in practice, to relate and contribute to startups and gain recognition as a leader in innovation throughout this process.

Join the 100–10–1 Startups Program and act as great leaders that transform markets. Bet on a winning startup portfolio and learn about innovation as you should: by action!

Make sure you sign up now to enjoy unlimited Speed-Dating meetings right now at the next Oiweek Digital , which takes place on the 29th and 30th of June!

To find out more about how the experience works, access the testimonials of some innovators who have gone through this process and also how to register and participate, visit:–10–1