Open Culture Movement for Innovation

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3 min readFeb 14, 2022

Did you know that culture is the main challenge to get results with open innovation?

The Open Culture Movement for Innovation , recently launched by Open Startups, came to change (again) the level of open innovation and is being considered the future of Open Innovation.

“We are incredibly at the beginning.” This is the phrase that the CEO of 100 Open Startups , Bruno Rondani , used to describe the scenario of Open Innovation.

The practice of Open Innovation with Startups can bring much greater benefits than the direct results of the innovative projects executed. Engagement with Open Innovation is a great tool for cultural transformation towards intrapreneurship and innovation.

The frequent contact with startups and entrepreneurs in the market brings new insights to professionals and the company in relation to ways of working, new technologies and the very cultural aspects of startups, positively impacting the motivation of the teams, in addition to promoting, with practical examples , the culture of innovation in the corporation.

Open Culture Movement for Innovation

Based on these clear benefits and the need to further expand the culture of Open Innovation in the world, we launched the Open Culture Movement for Innovation, which aims to change (again) the level of Open Innovation.

This movement has as its first initiative the launch of a network culture and training program , called Programa 100–10–1 Startups , led by 100 Open Startups and co-created with the main corporations that practice Open Innovation.

More than 140 companies have already joined the Movement, which will shape the future of open innovation, including: Ambev (TOP 1 Open Corps 2021), Bradesco and Algar Telecon.

Marco Aurelio Chaves Macedo Oliveira — Innovation Tribe Leader of Brain — Center for Innovation in Digital Business

How does the program work?

The 100–10–1 Startups Program is part of a much larger strategy of cultural transformation and expansion, conceived by 100 Open Startups. This movement towards Open Culture has four pillars, very important for the consolidation of any culture:

  1. empower
  2. Empower
  3. To communicate
  4. Reward

All these pillars are supported by the example of leadership, which plays a key role in disseminating and being a reference for this culture in your company.

Open Culture Movement for Innovation

100 Open Startups has always supported this transformation in companies and startups from its initiatives and platforms. But now, with the 100–10–1 Startups Program, this cycle of cultural transformation and expansion will be strengthened, starting with the qualification of the team for the practice of Open Innovation.

In addition, the other fronts of 100 Open Startups help a lot in shaping this culture focused on Open Innovation, through the launch of challenges (empowering employees), of the Open Innovation Week | Oiweek (communicating and teaching about Open Innovation) and the Ranking 100 Open Startups (rewarding and recognizing Open Innovation practitioners).

Open Culture Movement for Innovation

In short, the Open Culture Movement for Innovation aims to expand the practice of Open Innovation based on cultural transformation, supported by 100 Open Startups programs and tools and initiatives to foster culture for the innovation ecosystem. Therefore, we say that this is the future of Open Innovation. In 2022, we will have several actions in our monthly Oiweeks to talk even more about culture and its role in the expansion of Open Innovation. Don’t be left out!

In the following articles, we will talk in detail about the pillars that make up the Open Culture Movement for Innovation: Capacitate; Empower; Communicate and Teach!

Embark on the journey with us! Enjoy and check out our first article on the topic of Cultural Transformation and Open Innovation . Until the next!

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