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3 min readJul 9, 2020



The open innovation is one of the main models for large companies now innovate. But this process requires close and continuous relationships with startups , in addition to partners who are experts in the subject so that connections are efficient and consistent.

And so, Whow! again he acted as a strategic partner of the Open Innovation Week ( Oiweek ), the largest and most traditional event in the sector in Brazil, held since 2008. The event is held by 100 Open Startups.

In this 2nd Oiweek of 2020, the format was expanded with the inclusion of cases between large companies and startups to face the crisis caused by Covid-19, through OpenTalks and exclusive virtual rooms, where entrepreneurs can show their products and services. And during these sessions, participants were also able to access the scheduling of meetings for Speed-Dating in order to accelerate their business

Challenges of open innovation

Luis Bartolomei , founder and CEO of CBA B + G, part of the CBA Group of WPP, shared the work in partnership with MondoDX in virtual reality. “It fuels our capacity for qualitative research and experimentation with the product concept or packaging concept where it fits a lot, where we can connect some consumers, through augmented reality, together with our market checkers to understand the best alternatives.”

Meanwhile, Fernando Guglielmetti , head of e-commerce and digital at C&A, commented that there was an acceleration and migration in online shopping, with an increase of up to 1,000% in some items of e-commerce. “We are very appreciative of the service. And we believe that if the customer is not satisfied, when he needs it, he will not buy it, he will no longer want to relate to you. And when we needed to reinforce ourselves, our service is all inside the house. And to be quick, we looked for alternatives, and the Home Agent was an interesting path. And in a few days the operation was already on the air to increase our service capacity ”, described the partnership with the startup. He also highlighted the achievement of the Grupo Consumidor Moderno Award .

Already Anderson Rosa dos Reis , Digital Health Business Analyst Hospital Windmills, commented on the work along with the startup Dr. TIS. “During the pandemic, not unlike Hospital Moinhos, telemedicine had to model itself for some issues, such as serving our corporate client, and, in particular, our employees. And we went after a partnership for a telemedicine platform that was safe and enabled by LGPD. And allow digitally certified documents such as prescription and prescription to the patient. ” Anderson detailed that 1,940 calls through telemedicine have already taken place with the new platform.

The Andrea Simões , Director of Personnel and Management in Log-in, said the partnership with Bioaps, which began in 2019. “Before the pandemic, we created the telemedicine channel” In the palm. “ And after the pandemic, we created remote health monitoring of employees, to meet Anvisa’s protocols, and to meet our internal plan focused on the safety and life of our employees. It’s not just an app, it’s the one that makes all the difference. And all the interaction between the Bioaps team and our medical team. ”

Missed the 2nd Open Innovation Week of 2020?

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