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2 min readJun 10, 2020

Participate in the virtual course of Open Innovation

Incorporate tools to implement innovative processes in your organization.

What is the Open Innovation Virtual Course?

It is a training to spread and raise awareness about the benefits of Open Innovation in relation to production, industry and organizations.

Over two months, eight two-hour video conferences will be held with national and international exhibitors. Conceptual aspects and different application methodologies will be presented, with the purpose of spreading digital transformation processes, generating participatory solutions, catalyzing the creative energies of society in relation to common problems and promoting active collaboration in organizations.

Next class June 10: National Ecosystem for Innovation. Public-private articulation. The scientific-technological system as a strategic asset for development
Guests: Hugo Kantis, researcher General Sarmiento University — PRODEM director; Graciela Ciccia, Director of Innovation of the INSUD Group; Bruno Rondani, founder and CEO of 100 Open Startups; Alberto Chevalier, director of R&D, Quality Control and Innovation at Laboratorios Químicos SRL; Nicolás Tognalli, CITES Accelerator Grupo Sancor and Marina Baima, Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of Santa Fe.
Special participation: Fernando Peirano, President of the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation.

Thematic index of the classes

  1. June 3 at 6 pm : Principles of Open Innovation. Technological disruption and social transformation.
  2. June 10 at 6 pm : National Ecosystem for Innovation. Public-private articulation. The scientific-technological system as a strategic asset for development.
  3. June 17 at 5:00 p.m .: Open Innovation in Industry. Challenges in the global context. Analysis of Ibero-American cases and experiences.
  4. June 24 at 6 pm : Open innovation process. Stages, methodologies, tools and devices.
  5. July 1 at 6 pm : Contests, calls, and challenges. The role of intellectual property in open innovation. Approaches.
  6. July 8 at 6 pm : Hackathons, innovation rallies. Co-creation and collaborative production dynamics. Challenges oriented to problem solving: the case of virtual education.
  7. July 15 at 6 pm : Financing of Open Innovation. Public initiatives, corporate funds, cameras, accelerators, SMEs and startups.
  8. July 22 at 6 pm : Public leadership for innovation and its contribution to productive and industrial development.

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Who is it for?

Leaders of business organizations in the Argentine industry and SME Chambers. Development institutions. Professors from public and private universities. Officials from the Science, Technology and Production area of ​​the provinces and municipalities. Leaders of social organizations. Unions and cooperatives.

What I need?

Belong to any of the sectors detailed above.

As I do?

  1. Complete the registration form .
  2. To receive the Assistant Certificate, you must have participated in 75% of the videoconferences.