Participate in the virtual course of Open Innovation

  1. June 3 at 6 pm : Principles of Open Innovation. Technological disruption and social transformation.
  2. June 10 at 6 pm : National Ecosystem for Innovation. Public-private articulation. The scientific-technological system as a strategic asset for development.
  3. June 17 at 5:00 p.m .: Open Innovation in Industry. Challenges in the global context. Analysis of Ibero-American cases and experiences.
  4. June 24 at 6 pm : Open innovation process. Stages, methodologies, tools and devices.
  5. July 1 at 6 pm : Contests, calls, and challenges. The role of intellectual property in open innovation. Approaches.
  6. July 8 at 6 pm : Hackathons, innovation rallies. Co-creation and collaborative production dynamics. Challenges oriented to problem solving: the case of virtual education.
  7. July 15 at 6 pm : Financing of Open Innovation. Public initiatives, corporate funds, cameras, accelerators, SMEs and startups.
  8. July 22 at 6 pm : Public leadership for innovation and its contribution to productive and industrial development.

Who is it for?

What I need?

As I do?

  1. Complete the registration form .
  2. To receive the Assistant Certificate, you must have participated in 75% of the videoconferences.




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