Quality control software reduces costs and increases efficiency for a specialized paper and cellulose company

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5 min readOct 1, 2023

With the help of specialized quality control software, Pix Force, a computer vision and image processing startup, helped Suzano, in the paper and cellulose industry, save money and correct operational errors.

Quality control is a fundamental sector for the functioning of any company . After all, this process is what guarantees the safety and peace of mind of a consumer when using any product.

More than just ensuring operation, quality control must have the mission of ensuring a fully satisfactory experience for a customer. Even more so in a time of high competitiveness and commercial demands.

However, in large-scale productions, errors are common. Even with evaluation by competent professionals, it is humanly impossible to guarantee perfect quality control for all products.

Furthermore, the safety of these professionals can often be put at risk during heavier processes.

Fortunately, technology is increasingly seeking solutions to increase the effectiveness and agility of this process . Especially when we talk about the innovation sector and startups.

A good example of this is the case of Pix Force , which developed customized quality control software to minimize errors in machines and systems at Suzano, a paper and cellulose company.

In a collaboration based on Open Innovation, both companies worked together to solve problems and foster growth on both sides.

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Case Pix Force and Suzano: open innovation for customer segmentation via mobile data

Suzano , a company specializing in paper and cellulose, was facing a series of quality control problems in the cellulose bales packaging process.

At the time, the machine often did not close the product properly, or some packages tore during the process .

Even though we had professionals on site to carry out quality control, in some cases the bale was sent to the customer with a defect and, consequently, was rejected, generating collection, replacement and even contractual fines.

In addition to operational inefficiency and high costs, the company had to deal with a huge waste of time and resources to fix these failures.

That’s where Pix Force entered the story. Taking advantage of a connection with Endeavor, a long-time partner of the Startup, the company began its relationship with Suzano.

The proposal for the development of quality control software was the starting point for the start of the Open Innovation project between the organization and the Startup.

Before we go into more detail about the case, it is important to make a brief presentation of the companies involved in this project.

Pix Force

Pix Force is a startup that develops personalized solutions for large companies using computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Founded in Porto Alegre in 2015, the initiative has been providing disruptive technology-based solutions to several companies.

Providing valuable information to its customers through the automatic acquisition and interpretation of images and videos , the project has stood out as one of the most promising innovative initiatives on the market.

So much so that the Startup has already appeared 5 times in the 100 Open Startups Ranking.


Suzano is one of the largest companies in the cellulose and paper sector in Brazil and the world. Founded in 1924, the organization has a rich and solid history in the forest products sector.

The company is known for its integrated operations, which range from planting eucalyptus forests to the production and marketing of final products.

Internationally recognized as a leading company in the pulp and paper sector, the company credits its constant growth over the years to investment in innovation .

After all, Suzano is one of the main references in the use of cutting-edge technologies to optimize its operations and adopt sustainable practices throughout its production cycle.

Therefore, the solution found together with Pix Force, through Open Innovation, fit perfectly within the company’s ideals and professional values.

Key benefits of the case: quality control software

The Open Innovation project between Pix Force and Suzano was a great success, with the quality control software bringing a series of advantages to the cellulose company.

Among the main benefits, the substantial cost reduction stands out , achieved for two essential reasons.

Firstly, by eliminating the need for human labor performing manual inspections, which require long and extensive work, 7 days a week.

Secondly, artificial intelligence ensures the elimination of defects in the product and, consequently, the costs associated with replacing and reworking defective products. Suzano’s operational efficiency became even more refined.

Another notable benefit was the guarantee of safety for employees. After all, manual inspections of large, heavy assets often expose them to significant risks of accidents and injuries.

Furthermore, intelligent automation allows for real-time monitoring of inspection activities , which enables rapid detection of problems and failures.

This way, the company can act promptly to correct issues before they escalate into larger, more complex problems.

However, the great difference of the solution proposed by Pix Force is the high learning capacity of its software . Unlike other solutions whose analysis would be binary, in the startup’s project the reading comprises much more sophisticated information.

Pix Force’s solution presents levels of damage, exceeding analysis and quality expectations in addition to the customer’s immediate pain.

One example of this is recognizing that a package may have been produced appropriately, but the label printing is blurred, which also results in non-conformities and product rejection.

As a result of this project, both companies have strengthened long-term ties. So much so that the partnership remains strong to this day.

Currently, Pix Force has developed another project with Suzano, focusing on counting objects on pallets, also using artificial intelligence.

What do startups have to offer companies?

This case greatly exemplifies the transformative role that startups can play within companies. Regardless of the sector, every corporation can take advantage of Open Innovation partnerships to take its operations to the next level.

Innovation often brings greater simplicity to the processes that customers already have. In the case of Suzano, for example, the Pix Force solution came to simplify a quality control flow that guarantees much more assertiveness and quality for its products.

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