Ranking brings startups closer to investors

The 100 Open Startups movement brings together more than 2,400 medium and large companies. Art: Media Lab Estadão.

Giddy growth

Source: Movimento 100 Open Startups.

Ranking overview

Patrick Rocha, founder of VTEX Tracking: “We have already received two rounds of investments participating in the ranking and last year we were bought by VTEX. It is an unprecedented initiative in Brazil and the way companies validate startups is very reliable. ”
  • More than 2,400 medium and large companies,
  • 12 thousand active startups,
  • 2 thousand angel investors,
  • 130 universities and
  • 16 thousand executives who collaborate to categorize registered proposals.

$ 600 million in investments

Bruno Rondani, CEO of 100 Open Startups: “ The evolution in the number of startups dedicated to the theme of mobility, transport and logistics demonstrates the maturity of the theme in society.”

Covid-19 Challenge




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100 Open Startups

100 Open Startups

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