The September edition of the XII Open Innovation Week, held in partnership with SP Ventures , will focus on the agribusiness sector, bringing the visions and opportunities of the main market players to the present and near future of the themes Deep Tech, Digital Farm and Plant Based, in addition to cases about investment and the ecosystem of startups in the sector.

About the subject :

Farm to Fork:
Open Innovation from farm to fork

With a lot of space and demand for innovation, agribusiness is one of the most promising sectors for the development of startups in the country.

In this Oiweek, we will discuss trends related to sustainable consumption, Plant-Based diets, Digital Farms, considered the future of agriculture, and Deep Tech, technologies that are advancing scientific frontiers.

We will also have panels with large corporations discussing the use of CVC as an open innovation tool, analyzing the defensive (survival) and offensive (conquering new markets) aspects of this practice.

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