Startups innovate in access to water, but run into managers’ lack of interest

PWTech device (Image: Publicity/PWTech)

Box that filters 5,000 liters of water per day

The São Paulo company PWTech, which started its operations in 2019, is an example of this. Created a water purification system with a unit cost of R$ 10,500. The 12 kg box is able to remove 100% of the level of viruses and bacteria from untreated fresh water — that is, in its natural stage in rivers and lakes — and reduce up to 99% of solid particles. Its treatment capacity is up to 5,000 liters of water per day, and it relies on several energy sources, including solar panels.

Anna Luisa Bezerra, from SDW, tests the Aqualuz (image: Disclosure/SDW)

Design clean water with sunlight

Currently, PWTech, whose initial investment was around R$ 1.5 million, received the investment fund Fram Capital as a partner and is in the process of evaluation to receive more contributions. A situation far from the reality of the most promising fintechs in the country, such as Nubank and Ebanx, but even more comfortable than SDW, a water startup created by award-winning Bahian biotechnologist Anna Luisa Bezerra.

Solution with Stattus4 sensors (Image: Disclosure/Stattus4)

Sensors to find leaks

Stattus4, based in Sorocaba (SP) since 2016, works with several ideas in smart cities. For the water sector, there are two solutions. The first is 4Fluid Mobile, in which field teams use sensors to collect evidence of water loss. The data is sent to an artificial intelligence system to conclude if there is indeed a leak. The second is a fixed version of the same system, which collects data on vibration, consumption and water pressure for a given region.

Why don’t these startups accelerate for good?

Bruno Rondani, CEO of the open innovation platform 100 Open Startups, believes that comparing water startups with other niches needs to take context into account. “In all other sectors, we already see market-leading companies with their innovation ecosystem programs, and in sanitation, the leaders started doing this just a year or two ago, such as Iguá, Sabesp and BRK Ambiental. recent”, he argues.



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