Success Case: Grupo Boticário advances in its digital transformation with AWS training

The Apothecary Group

With 4 thousand own stores, Grupo Boticário is today one of the retail leaders in Brazil. To meet the most diverse consumer profiles, the group develops more than ten brands, marketed through eight distribution channels. Currently, its ecosystem includes factories, distribution centers, own stores, financial solutions and online and offline operations. All of this has been integrated with the aim of building the largest beauty ecosystem in the world, offering consumers the experience they deserve.

“The company has been going through a very big transformation in the last two years. We have advanced a lot in the digitalization of the relationship with our customers and in the internalization of our products, greatly accelerating our technology team” — Sidarta Aguiar de Oliveira, Director of Infrastructure & Cloud at Grupo Boticário

Developing competencies to maintain an expanding operation

In the last two years, Grupo Boticário focused on the internalization of technologies, people and code bases. Faced with the exponential growth of the technology team, with hundreds of employees, the company recognized the need to develop technical competence.

In the midst of discussions about the need to train people in-house, the group was introduced to the AWS training program. “We took all the development paths and created several groups here. For example, specific migration classes”, he says.

The strategy adopted started with the technology team and then the training was expanded to other areas. Today there are professionals from practically all areas participating, including those who are not directly involved in the day-to-day development. In 2020, there were 322 training positions and, in 2021, 364 more.

A look at the present and the future

For Grupo Boticário, the offer of training to its employees appears as a positive point in its internal evaluations. The company’s investment in training and updating teams generates more engagement among employees.

In addition, the company is increasingly internalizing processes and adopting retail-related AWS solutions. With a base of professionals capable of working with the AWS cloud and services, the complete migration of other products of the company is facilitated.

And Grupo Boticário has not only prepared itself for the changes of the present, but has an eye on the future: “We have an internship program, Júnior XP, and these people also participate in technology training. We are including these people in our challenges, where we want to go”, explains Sidarta Aguiar de Oliveira, director of Infrastructure & Cloud, who seeks to expand the training program also in 2022.

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