Super Challenge COVID-19 | CORONAVIRUS

Our society faces the great challenge of combating and preventing the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and all the resulting social and economic impacts caused by the pandemic. From this scenario, side effects result immediately, such as social distance, cancellation of trips, events, absence from work, changes in hygiene habits, greater demand for health infrastructure, food storage, among others. Hence the need for innovative solutions in the most varied areas: distance work and home office, health and treatments, retail, commerce and logistics, education, information and awareness, entertainment, mobility, among others.

We invite companies of any size, government agencies and civil society to present their demands so that startups and the scientific community can present and offer solutions to face the Coronavirus crisis quickly, effectively and reducing its impact as much as possible.

For companies, government and civil society:

Our commitment is to publicize your challenge within 24 hours to our communities of startups and technologies and, in another 24 hours, to provide a list of mapped, ranked and cured solutions.


For startups:

Startups that are interested in contributing to the Covid-19 Super Challenge | Coronavirus, connect using the button below and stay tuned for specific challenge invitations you will receive.

I want to solve | Startups CHALLENGES / DEMANDS COVID-19

FOOTSTEPS For companies, government and civil society:

  1. Access the Challenge Launch form
  2. Describe the demands that your organization is interested in receiving proposals from startups to deal with the challenges caused by the Coronavirus.
  3. The proposed demands will be validated by the 100 Open Startups team and you will be contacted by email to confirm the launch to the network of startups related to the theme.
  4. We will provide free access to the list of mapped solutions with description, contact and ranking score.
  5. Get in touch with the selected startups and good deals!
  6. If you have any questions, you can contact our Whatsapp .


  • Ministry of Commerce and iNNpulsa Colombia
  • Janssen
  • Latam
  • Yogurt
  • Banco Mercantil do Brasil
  • Liquid Studio
  • Merck S / A
  • Stratosoft
  • KeepTrue Tecnologia ltda
  • G&L Gestao e Logistica
  • Arcellor Mittal
  • Maintrends
  • Gourmet Sports
  • Automotive Quality Institute
  • Banco Mercantil do Brasil
  • Ella Intima
  • ENAP
  • Cellco Biotec
  • Cocratel
  • ABinfo
  • BRF
  • kimberly-Clark Brasil
  • Usiminas
  • Boticário Group
  • The Venture City
  • ENAP
  • AMBEV Brewery
  • Furukawa
  • Thyssenkrupp Elevators
  • Pett Farma
  • Iguá Sanitation
  • VLI
  • Petrópolis Group
  • Petrópolis Brewery
  • Elsys
  • GeoSampa
  • B2W Digital
  • Mater Dei Hospital
  • Hospital Marcio Cunha
  • MUH Spirit
  • Bank of Brazil
  • Fidelity Mobile
  • Unimed do Brasil
  • Boehringer
  • Edenred
  • P&G
  • Volkswagen Brazil
  • Top Autocenter Range
  • Cerdia Brasil Industria e Comercio
  • NeoChange
  • Raízen Energia
  • Armored GC
  • Neoventures
  • Accenture
  • CB CAR
  • Bayer SA
  • Ajinomoto
  • Vipol
  • Ebidone
  • Urucuia River Valley
  • Boticário Group
  • Sicoob
  • Automax Comercial Ltda
  • ENEL
  • Swap
  • Biominas Brazil
  • Circus
  • Propeller
  • Circus Vitoria
  • Bank of Brazil
  • R&K Construction Management
  • Mercedes Benz of Brazil
  • Edenred
  • Cargill Agricultural
  • LP from Brazil
  • Roche Ecuador
  • Hermes Pardini
  • BRF
  • Unifesp

Challenges launched so far

Home office and remote work

  • The need for distance between people forced many companies to adhere to remote work, and a large part of them were not prepared for this, which generates a series of new needs for organizations and their employees. We seek solutions that meet these needs, such as: communication and videoconference tools, task and team management, tools for relationship with stakeholders, document management and electronic signature, connectivity, care for children and relatives, company financial management, among others others.
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Health and treatments

  • In addition to the demand for advances towards healing and expanding access to diagnosis, the Covid-19 crisis created specific challenges for institutions and health professionals. We seek solutions that meet these needs, such as new active ingredients, medicines and technologies in vaccines, technologies for monitoring symptoms at a distance, tools and systems for the management of stock of materials, equipment and medicines, management and expansion of beds, team management and scales, telemedicine and remote care solutions, monitoring at-risk groups, research and development of tests and examinations, solutions that increase patient access to the health system and reduce queues in the public and private system, support for health care agents health and care with health professionals,
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Retail, trade and logistics

  • The need to control the spread of the disease limited the circulation of people and changed the routine of the entire retail and logistics chain, causing a direct impact on trade. We seek solutions that minimize this impact, such as platforms for buying and selling products and services through the internet, social networks and other channels, communication and supplier management tools, inventory control solutions, customer relationships, solutions for sustainability of small and medium entrepreneurs and companies, delivery systems, financial management and access to credit, tracking and distribution of goods, quality control and hygiene, among others.
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Education, information and awareness

  • The suspension of face-to-face classes to reduce the spread of the disease creates specific needs for self-employed teachers and educational institutions. At the same time, there is a need for reliable information and awareness of the population about the disease and its consequences. We seek solutions that meet these needs, such as distance learning platforms, access to reliable information, access to information on prevention, solutions for family care, content and information platforms, information on places with a high level of agglomeration, solutions for managing personal finances, security, among others.
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Culture and Entertainment

  • The need for seclusion of the public has a direct impact on artists, musicians and other entertainment agents, who depend on events with crowds of people to work. We seek solutions that reduce this impact, such as streaming videos, music and others, marketing artist services, crowdfunding platforms, among others.
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities


  • The displacement of the population, especially in public transport, is a risk factor and one of the main ways of spreading the virus. We seek solutions related to urban mobility in the face of the care that this crisis demands, such as hygiene and prevention of contamination in public transport, alternative forms of transport, information on safe and less crowded routes, safety, among others.
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Services for the elderly without leaving home

  • Taking care of each other is part of our DNA! This is the opportunity to care for the elderly in our community. We seek innovative solutions that guarantee the well-being and health of the elderly at the present time.
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Optimizing the use of health services

  • Today, we have a service capacity challenge in view of the public health situation that the world is experiencing. We invite you to participate in innovative solutions to optimize the use of healthcare services.
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Access to laboratory supplies

  • Dealing with the Coronavirus crisis involves a lot of research. For solutions to be developed more quickly, we seek startups and technologies that facilitate communication between the demand for laboratory supplies — by universities, companies, diagnostic laboratories — and the delivery of quality products by suppliers, connecting thus, large research centers for suppliers, reducing lead times and keeping researchers on the bench, and not in the purchase process.
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Mental, emotional and physical health

  • Faced with a scenario of uncertainties and high volume of information, there is a tendency to increase some common feelings among workers, especially in the home-office regime: feeling of isolation, pressure, overload, difficulty in reorganizing the routine, etc. As we are dealing with a new situation and a large number of professionals involved, technological solutions are required for remote assistance, without leaving the human side aside, so that professionals feel welcomed, understood and can be guided on how to deal with this delicate scenery. The implementation must be fast and the system must be friendly, so that everyone can access from the cell phone or computer. In addition, proposals must be able to remain, even after this period of crisis. We seek solutions that involve:
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Financial management

  • Restrictive measures in relation to the movement of people have an impact on the country’s economy and also on personal finances. We seek solutions that mitigate this impact, such as: financial education, spending control platforms, access to credit, payment solutions and financial transitions, among others.
    I want to solve | Startups
    I want to join | Entities

Support to communities

  • Across the country, there are territories and communities of people in situations of social inequality and, in many cases, living in conditions of housing and basic sanitation that hinder social isolation and measures to prevent contamination, increasing the risk that this population runs in the face of the pandemic. We seek solutions that can help in the public welfare

and public management of these communities around the country, enabling the dissemination of information and assistance in the face of the impacts of the pandemic, providing preventive health, inclusion and awareness.
I want to solve | Startups
I want to join | Entities

Support for startups in the Covid-19 crisis | Coronavirus

Learn about some of the benefits that big companies are offering to startups to support the maintenance of the innovation ecosystem during the crisis caused by the pandemic.




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