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11 min readJul 24, 2019

The 100 Brazilian startups most desired by companies

100 Open Startups Ranking Measures Most Attractive, Scalable, Innovative Business for Corporations — and Now for Angel Investors

Startup employees: 212 rated startups received over $ 142 million in investments (KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Thinkstock)

Allya, a startup with a custom employee rebate app , is once again the most desired by big corporations. This is what shows the new edition of the 100 Top Open Startups ranking , which lists the most attractive scalable and innovative businesses, among more than 8,600 registered startups , according to 15,000 executives from over 2,200 companies with revenues. of $100 million or more.

The research, prepared by the 100 Open Startups network, takes into account criteria such as startup positioning; platform and partnerships; supplier development; and investment. Active contracts are considered between June 2018 and May 2019. The revenue limit in 2018 or investment received must be $10 million for each startup.

The 212 ranked startups received more than $142 million in investments, most of them between $ 100,000 and $ 300,000 (31.4%). Eight out of ten of these businesses already have product and revenue, with cumulative revenues of $193 million in 2018. For 2019, they project revenues of $324 million.

Together, the ranked startups employ 2455 employees and have 1,535 active relationship contracts with 896 corporations. Most of the founders (54.2%) had already undertaken before. The city of São Paulo concentrates 44% of these startups, followed by Belo Horizonte (17.3%), Curitiba (10.5%) and Florianópolis (8%).

Here are the 100 Brazilian startups most desired by companies:

1- Allya- We make people’s salaries pay more!

2- Fhinck -Fhinck uses artificial intelligence to monitor processes and identify where to increase productivity at back office operations.

3- Opinion Box- The most innovative online market research and customer experience solutions in the country.

4- Guiding- Management of telecom, IT and facilities costs for the corporate market through innovative solutions focused on cost reduction.

5- I verified- Want to build loyalty and satisfy your customers? We are the PROROVEI, visibility for the logistics of delivery of large and medium enterprises!

6- Pix Force- We apply computer vision and machine learning for automatic interpretation of images and videos, as the customer needs.

7- Take off- We are an online innovation school. We help big companies in the age of digital transformation by empowering new skills for the future.

8- Pris Software- We simplify management and give visibility to companies’ variable compensation package. Including Long Term Incentive Plans (such as Stock Options) and Short Term Incentives (as annual bonus).

9- Simplifies Freight- Hiring a transportation is now much easier, simpler and safer.Through the Simplifies Freight platform we connect you to the best carriers in the market.

10- VRGlass- Platforms, content and hardware in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

11- VG Waste- The only online system in order to approach industries, transporters and recycle waste and still meet the environmental requirements.

12- Gofind- Product finder for businesses and consumers to find specific items in nearby stores. Machine learning insights.

13- Encourage.me- Incentive, engagement and loyalty platform that connects companies, salespeople and consumers.

14- GoEpik- Industry 4.0 — process intelligence. We create process intelligence that innovates, connects and transforms the organization’s management.

15- x Good Brains- Smart technology startup in São Paulo. We develop solutions and produce content using Augmented Reality / Virtual.

16- Novida- Intelligence platform in operational processes that involve people in its execution, using technologies such as IoT, IA and RTLS.

17- Standout- Standout® is the e-commerce marketing solution for brands / industries to create differentiated product showcases for real-time e-commerce directly on retailers’ product pages.

18 Rampfy- APP connected to enterprise systems that anticipates information to prevent losses and boost results.

19- Witseed- We combine education, film and technology to revolutionize the education experience, producing content with the largest companies in Brazil.

20- Flowsense- Customer centric location intelligence and engagement solutions for companies with mobile apps.

21- Home Agent- Home Agent, the first Brazilian Call Center company to operate 100% in Home Office.

22- Ubivis- Industrial IoT, analytics & machines operation via real time Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Reality. Autonomous Industrial Machines.

23- TNS Nanotechnology- We are a chemical technology company, our focus is to add value to the market with innovative chemical solutions that guarantee health.

24- Forsee- Solution platform 4.0 which in 5 months allowed a 30% increase in EBITDA, + 47% in sales, + 38% in productivity and -33% in inventories.

25- Waggi Brazil- Waggi is a crowd sourcing platform for companies to innovate products, services and solve problems collectively through technology.

26- Linte- We offer document automation, process management and contracting solutions through a custom workflow.

27- MEI Easy- MEI Easy is the financial inclusion partner of the individual microentrepreneur.

28- Happmobi- We develop distance education solutions with data mapping for GAP identification.

29- Fix Technology & Services S/A- We changed the way people call a plumbing, electrician in your house.

30- Send4- Transform the exchange / returns process into an easy and fast experience, eliminating back office and back-office costs

31- Eunerd- EUNERD manages field services for large companies that need prompt service from qualified professionals throughout Brazil.

32- TrackerUp- External team monitoring system, simple and intuitive!

33- Aiko- Solution for equipment fleet management in agribusiness, mining and industries. Including management / blocking of machine supplies.

34- Wiimove- Wiimove is a multimodal corporate solution that integrates rides, charter and parking management to reduce corporate costs.

35- Justto- Efficient conflict resolution — One tool, multiple negotiations.

36- Boomer- Boomer is a Brazilian company, manufacturer of products, that applies the concepts of Circular Economy in practice.

37- Startup Mundi- It has never been so important to think like a startup. The game experience to accelerate open innovation and entrepreneurial education.

38- Postmetry- Big Data Multi channel Platform, which identifies by Artificial Intelligence the degree of Spontaneous Consumer Satisfaction (Social NPS).

39- MondoDX- INDUSTRY4.0 and RETAIL Augmented Reality Solutions based on low cost software / hardware with near zero TCO.

40- Blox — Intelligence in Flexible Resumes- Blox is an educational curriculum management system designed for high schools, colleges and corporate universities.

41- Intelup- Intelup is focused on connecting and optimizing production process in industry applying our industry 4.0 software platform.

42- Sintecsys- We have developed a solution that automatically monitors and detects forest and crop fires and monitors the field 24 hours.

43- Peerdustry Shared Manufacturing- We have reduced the cost of the machined indirect purchasing portfolio by manufacturing parts in our supply chain with idle machines.

44- Immersys- Immersys Extended Reality (VR / AR / MR) for social impact.Developer of the educational platform Ambia.

45- Mastertech- Large-scale digital skills training: Programming, Digital Business, Digital Marketing, Data Science and UX Design.

46- Pin people- Employee Experience software that enables you to measure and improve employee experience for digital transformation and talent retention.

47- 3.2.1 Beauty- 3,2,1 Beauty offers in-company beauty and wellness services, with online scheduling and payment.

48- Prosume Energy Utilization- Prosume is a company that offers innovative solutions for power generation, co-generation and energy efficiency.

49- QualityStorm- QualityStorm is a quality inspection process scanning solution focused on ease of operation.

50- Mero- Performance improvement for people and organizations through an integrated talent management platform.

51- TruckPad- Marketplace that connects autonomous truckers and freight contractors.

52- Saveadd- Productive advice and management solution through value and risk analysis.

53- Learn Platform AI-Driven- AI-Driven learning platform that enhances the user experience with high level of sharing, personalization and engagement.

54- Innovation for Learning Scribe- I write teams teachers so that their children can meet learning standards and become proficient in the digital literacy skills.

55- Pricefy- Pricefy is a platform that manages the communication of offers at the POS, through the generation of labels, posters and digital signage.

56- Technomar Engineering Ltd- Digital Twin: complex numerical model. Provides real-time asset information. Able to predict failures and reduce operating costs.

57- 7 waves- We help the individual in each employee to discover, plan and achieve corporate and personal goals.

58- BITi9- Robbi9 is a virtual assistant to increase productivity and reduce costs by automating tasks simply and quickly.

59- Round pegs- We are a Digital Innovation Platform for discovering and prioritizing ideas, and analyzing the marketplace for an executive investment decision.

60- MVISIA- We have developed the first all-national line of locally processed smart cameras for industrial process control.

61- LogPyx- We offer Revolog, an IOT location / tracking solution with particular application for logistic yard management.

62- Looqbox- Bring information quickly and efficiently through natural language. We are Google from your database.

63- Vidya Technology- We develop and sell hardware and software for asset integrity and corrosion monitoring for complex industrial plants operation.

64- dLieve Logistics Technology- Real-time delivery and service management system, routing and arrival time forecast (sms email) for customers.

65- 4Vants Technology Development- 4VANTS is an artificial intelligence company that identifies and analyzes assets in images.

66- Kludo- Gamification for Training. A new way of learning, reducing costs, increasing engagement and enabling ROI calculation.

67- Molegolar- Resilient design buildings which adapt to user’s space needs by the combination of modules, allowing the property to enlarge / reduce.

68- Byond- We apply IIoT technologies in solving traceability problems and monitoring of products and assets in the manufacturing industry.

69- SVA Tecnologia e Sistemas SA- Company that develops monitoring technology through analytical video using computer vision and artificial intelligence.

70- Vibbra- Exclusive network of the top 7% freelance software development, design, project management and business analysis freelancers in Brazil.

71- Forebrain- Forebrain uses cognitive sciences to help brands to understand consumers? hidden motivations via innovative marketing research services.

72- Loox Studios- Development and license of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality platforms, applications and content.

73- Regenerates Biotechnology LTDA- Biotechnology solutions from the marine environment. First and only bank of marine microorganisms in Brazil.

74- Viewy- We are a Virtual Reality Agency that focuses on developing immersive strategies for sales, training a marketing purposes

75- Right Sheet- FolhaCerta is a workforce management App that solves all the work routines with smart workflows to provide information-ready for the HR department.

76- Biosolvit- Biotechnology applied to the development of new materials and we are developers of the most efficient oil absorber in the world.

77- Sirros IoT- Your industry into the future 4.0: Increase your productivity, lower your costs and monitor your efficiency with our IoT capabilities.

78- Engage- Gamified learning platform that increases employee participation by 4x in training.

79- Proj4me- A simple, intuitive and very visual online project management system, surgically designed for the small business.

80- Kemia Effluent Treatment- Innovative solutions for wastewater treatment through electrolytic processes and combined technologies.

81- Pix Media- The solution enables remote content management on screens and has application in corporate communication, internal marketing and human resources.

82- Banib Connect- Online platform for creating 360º virtual tours to perform construction surveys and reduce risks in industrial environments.

83- Dialog- We have a corporate social networking platform and intranet for companies to improve internal communication and employee engagement.

84- SciCrop- We assist agribusiness companies and large producers in the process of digital transformation through innovation and technology.

85- Zehnk Technology do Brasil SA- Cheaper, faster and more automated backoffice areas. Be Lean with Software, Method and Data. Find the virtue between innovation and tradition.

86- NeuralMind- Intelligent document and image reading and analysis solutions using the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques.

87- Ingage- Technology for User Engagement. Helping companies better communicate with their customers through their mobile apps.

88- Nama- Automate conversations with your users. Have Artificial Intelligence robots to improve service and reduce costs.

89- Phi Innovatons- Company that provides technology and solutions for Industry 4.0, monitoring data from industrial machines and processes.

90- Carefy- Inpatient management platform with signaling nonconformities to improve care and optimize health costs.

91-Waycarbon- WayCarbon is a technology based company that works to promote the transition of society to a low carbon economy.

92- Value Workshop- Turn data into intelligent insights and executions with embedded knowledge in automated processes.

93- Sentimotor- Artificial Intelligence for strategic and commercial decision making based on signal analysis on websites, newspapers and social networks.

94- Online Agreement- We provide digital tools to increase the scale and effectiveness of overdue debt collection.

95- Tarvos- Pioneer in developing solutions for automated monitoring of agricultural pests and diseases.

96-Cubi Energy- CUBi makes electricity visible to the industry manager by offering a complete energy management and optimization solution.

97- Sharenergy- Sharenergy proposes an innovative business model that enables people to take advantage of photovoltaic solar energy without having to pay the initial investment.

98- Kriativar- We use the best in technology (AR, VR, AI) to drive changes in education and business processes.

99- Kunla- Platform for mothers in communities to act as recruitment and selection agents for operational positions.

100- Beenoculus- Beenoculus Tecnologia is the leader in augmented, augmented and virtual reality solutions in Latin America serving the market with infrastructure, production and content distribution of these new media.

The participation of entrepreneurs

Of the 212 ranking startups, 24 have a female partner. Between 2015 and 2019, female-led startups attracted $ 17 million in investments. This represents 12% of the total invested in Open 100 base startups in the same period. It is still lower than the global average for the first quarter of 2019, which was 17% according to Crunchbase News .

The group of 24 startups with female partners had sales totaling in 2018 of $13.4 million, or $560 thousand per startup. The 188 male-led startups had revenues of $180.2 million, or $850,000 per startup.

Despite differences in earnings, startups with entrepreneurs are more optimistic about future earnings. For businesses with female leaders, sales are expected to increase by 101% in 2019. Male leaders expect to grow 64%. They also employ more. By the end of May this year, startups with female partners employed an average of 13 employees. Already the innovative business led by men, 12.4 employees.

At 100 Top Open Startups, there are 15 innovative businesses with some female leadership — 85% have only female members. See what they are:


17 — Standout

25 — Waggi Brazil

26 — Linte

36 — Boomer

37 — Startup Mundi

45 — Mastertech

46 — Pin people

47 — 3.2.1 Beauty

61 — LogPyx

65 — 4Vants Technology Development

82 — Banib Connect

86 — NeuralMind

90 — Carefy

92 — Value Workshop

98 — Kriativar

Next Steps: More Angels

The angel investment in startups that are part of the ranking has grown from $ 24.6 million in 2018 to $ 33.4 million so far in 2019. About 80% of businesses are looking for more investment to grow.

This insight, coupled with the interest of one-third of the 15,000 executive base to devote more time and resources to startup growth, has made 100 Open Startups inaugurate the 100 Open Angels platform .

Launched late last month, the program will connect network startups to angel investors. In the first round of investments, 25 of the top-ranked startups will be capturing angel investors.

The super angels (investments of $ 500,000 and above, for qualified investors), angels ($ 50k real investments) and angels crowd ($ 5k of investments) create your profile and can demonstrate interest in the startup of choice. If it matches, both meet in person at 100 Open Startups events.

The trading preference is given in the order of the investment amount. The super angels and angels have already negotiated with startups; This week, it will be the turn of the crowd angels .

After the meetings, a restricted public offering will be made on the Basement / Kria equity crowdfunding platform. The startup withdraws the money and passes the metrics of its business regularly to investors. 100 Open Startups holds monthly events where investors and startups can meet in person.

The network estimates a term of three years for the investor to withdraw the amount invested with income, in the event of a liquidity event (acquisition or secondary sale of participation, for example). More than $20 million have already been promised by the angels. The goal is to reach $1.5 million per startup in this first round, totaling $37.5 million .

“We will compile the next ones investors want to contribute, reaching 100 startups invested by the program and $150 million raised over the next 12 months. Each round should take three months to complete, ”says Bruno Rondani, CEO of 100 Open Startups.

Whether in the interest of companies or executives, Brazilian startups want to ride the big wave of optimism with innovative businesses.