The Transformative Collaboration between Fábio Nogi and Hi! Healthcare Intelligence

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3 min readOct 1, 2023

In this case study, we analyze the collaboration between Fábio Nogi and the startup Hi! Healthcare Intelligence, resulting in a journey of mutual learning, strategic guidance and significant growth for Hi! in the field of Health Analytics.

Fábio Nogi is an experienced leader in the healthcare sector, recognized for his deep understanding of the supplementary healthcare market and passion for innovation. With a solid career in business strategies, he has played key roles in leading companies in the sector, being a prominent mentor for startups looking to stand out in the competitive healthcare sector.

Hi! Healthcare Intelligence, led by Felipe Fagundes, is a startup focused on helping healthcare systems manage cost-effectiveness and waste, revolutionizing the management of healthcare systems through advanced analytics. Its innovative approach involves using data and technology to combat waste from high-cost treatments, benefiting both healthcare systems and patients.

Below, we will explore in detail how the collaboration between Fábio Nogi and Hi! Healthcare Intelligence shaped the business strategy, drove product development, guided marketing and sales strategies, stimulated innovation and creativity, in addition to addressing several other aspects fundamental to the startup’s growth and success in the healthcare ecosystem.

Market Validation

The mentoring focused on market validation for Hi! Healthcare Intelligence. Fábio guided the startup team on how to test and iterate their ideas, identify market niches and understand the real needs of customers. The startup made presentations to Seguros Unimed managers and employees, presenting its solution proposal. Feedback exchanges and interactions helped Hi! to adjust your strategy and validate market interest in your approach.

Product development

Fábio Nogi offered insights into product design, important features, usability and scalability. The technical details of the platform were discussed, as well as how it could be adapted for different lines of care, such as periodontal diseases and orthodontics.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Fábio Nogi shared his expertise in marketing and sales strategies, guiding Hi! in creating customer acquisition strategies, effective marketing channels, pricing strategies and sales tactics. Conversations about how the startup could approach potential customers and present its value proposition were conducted, helping the Hi! improve your marketing and sales approach.

Networking and Partnerships

The mentoring between Fábio Nogi and Hi! it also included exploring networking opportunities and strategic partnerships. Fábio introduced the startup to relevant contacts, such as managers at Seguros Unimed and other executives in the healthcare sector. Additionally, he helped the Hi! to understand how to approach potential partners, such as pharmaceutical companies and other institutions that could benefit from the startup’s solution.

Attracting Investments

The mentoring also addressed attracting investments. Fábio Nogi guided Hi! on how to prepare an attractive pitch for investors, identify potential investors and negotiation strategies.

Team Development and Culture

Fábio Nogi emphasized the importance of developing effective teams and creating a healthy organizational culture. He shared his vision of participative leadership and the importance of empowering employees so they can take responsibility and become more engaged. Through conversations about team management and culture, Hi! was able to reflect on how to create an environment that promotes innovation and personal growth for team members.

Financial management

Guidance on cash flow forecasting, budgeting and financial planning helped Hi! to have a clearer understanding of the financial needs and resources needed to achieve your growth objectives.

Digital and Technological Transformation

Given the context of Health Analytics and technological innovation, Fábio Nogi shared insights into how digital transformation could boost Hi! Healthcare Intelligence. Ways to leverage innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and data analysis, to improve the startup’s platform were discussed.


The interaction between Fábio Nogi and Hi! Healthcare Intelligence represented an exceptional synergy, resulting in notable progress for the startup in the field of Health Analytics. Covering crucial areas, from market validation to product development, marketing and sales strategies, networking, attracting investment and organizational culture. Mutual learning was a constant along the way, where Hi! reaped the fruits of Fábio’s experience, driving concrete results, while Fábio enriched his perspective with the startup’s innovative vision, solidifying the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in the dynamic business scenario.