What is the greatest value that HR professionals have to add to companies?

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10 min readMay 28, 2024

The HR professional is so important that he has up to two dates to celebrate his value. And let’s agree: you deserve it, right?

Whether on May 20th or June 3rd , the fact is that the relevance of those who work in the area is growing more and more. And no less. Having a strong Human Resources sector means having a more competitive, attractive company ready to deal with any challenge.

Therefore, on this HR Professional’s Day, we invite you to answer the question in the title of this post: What is the greatest value that HR professionals have to add to the development of innovative, inclusive and competitive companies?

Check out:

Adriana Wells , HR Director at Foundever

“The HR professional has the noble mission of making sure that the company is following business trends in order to guarantee adherence and training to leverage the potential and preparation of human capital. It is our role to care for inclusion and promote awareness. The HR professional contributes to the company, but adds much more to society.”

Camilla Kobayashi , People Director at Zup

“The greatest value we can add is the cultural and strategic alignment between people focused on business results. Doing so with a strong sense of belonging, inclusion and purpose is essential. Our mission is to demonstrate how business competitiveness must be closely linked to social contribution, creating a virtuous cycle. I believe that this cycle fuels the desire of both the company and people to remain updated, at the forefront of technology and market leadership.”

Camilla Mendes , Head of People and Culture at Conta Simples

“In my view, the greatest value that an HR professional can add to the development of an innovative, inclusive and competitive company is to be an agent of cultural transformation in the company’s growth. Culture is how we do things day to day and how we make decisions, and that needs to evolve over time.”

Cíntia Britto , CHRO at Aurum

“For me, the main value that an HR professional has is precisely being a connector and facilitator. We are responsible for connecting people to the organization’s strategic objectives, with tools that support this — be it a performance assessment, a selection process or even an engagement campaign. In short, I believe that our role is to create solutions, processes and practices that support the journey and the building of relationships and connections between people and businesses.”

Emanuella Velez , HR Influencer, Top Voice on LinkedIn and People & Management Coordinator at Krona

“The greatest value that HR professionals can add is the ability to create and maintain an environment where talent diversity is not only accepted, but celebrated and truly worked on as a source of innovation. This involves implementing inclusive policies that guarantee equal opportunities and promote development programs that enable all employees to reach their full potential. Furthermore, I believe that HR must act as a facilitator of a culture of continuous learning and constructive feedback, essential for the adaptability and growth of the organization.”

Francisco Pereira , Human Resources Manager at Intelligenza IT

“The greatest value that HR professionals can add is the creation of an organizational culture that works in practice and is inclusive, attracting and retaining diverse talent. By promoting an environment of innovation and collaboration, HR fosters creativity and team unity, boosting the company’s productivity and sense of belonging. Furthermore, the implementation of continuous development and well-being practices contributes to employee productivity and satisfaction.”

Gilberto Mendes , Operations Director and Responsible for HR at Allu

“The HR professional must, before anything, be a great reference in culture for people. The biggest challenge in developing a company is maintaining its culture as the number of employees increases, and HR plays a fundamental role in this. I believe that the people team is responsible for attracting, developing and retaining talent. It seems simple, but these three points cover all people management, leadership support, employee care, employer branding, etc.”

Gisele Andrade , HR Manager at RB Serviços

“The greatest value that HR professionals can add is their ability to cultivate an organizational culture rooted in empathy for others and love for the profession. When we nurture genuine relationships with employees, demonstrating understanding and support for their individual needs, we can create an environment where everyone feels valued and included. This care promotes well-being and job satisfaction, encourages collaboration and engagement, important elements for the organization’s innovation and competitive success.”

Hosana Azevedo , Head of HR at Infojobs and spokesperson for Pandapé

“I believe that, today, resilience is the foundation on which HR must build the team. Added to the alignment and understanding of the business and the creation of a solid cultural fit, professionals responsible for people management strengthen an organization capable of adapting and thriving in the competitiveness of the market.”

Isabela Rodrigues , Human Resources Manager at Transfero

“I believe that, being strategic, HR can add a lot of value to the success of an innovative, inclusive and competitive company. One of the factors that I consider strategic is the development of human capital. HR, together with leadership, is able to identify and enhance skills that are extremely important for the growth of areas in accordance with the strategy developed and its consequences in mission, vision, values ​​and short-term objectives since we are present in a market very volatile.”

Josiane Lima , People Director at Swile Brasil

“Foster a culture that values ​​innovation, collaboration, continuous improvement, plurality of people and thoughts. Culture is the soul of the company. With a strengthened culture, which speaks in favor of the business strategy, it becomes easier to structure all other HR products (training, development, succession, diversity and engagement). With products connected to culture, we are able to generate meaning for employees, something extremely necessary for generations Y, Z and Alpha.”

Kátia de Boer , Commercial Director and CEO of Safe Care, annual sponsor of HR First Class

“The HR professional needs to be aligned with the companies’ business strategy, as well as with the organizational culture, mission and values. This is essential to creating a work environment conducive to growth and success, as well as promoting core values ​​such as diversity and inclusion. Implementing corporate happiness is essential, as we know that making the journey light, with happy and engaged people, results in greater productivity and reflects on the development of each professional and the company.”

Larissa Gomes , HR Analyst at Eureka

“HR adds value by driving talent management strategies that promote diversity in a collaborative environment. This includes not only attracting and retaining talent, but also cultivating a culture of continuous feedback and aligning individual objectives with the organization’s goals. These practices increase motivation and productivity, as well as strengthening the company’s competitiveness, adaptability and innovation.”

Leticia Deus , HR Coordinator at RB Serviços

“By connecting innovation, inclusion and competitiveness, the HR professional transforms the company into a sustainable, resilient and prosperous ecosystem. Some actions involve promoting a culture of innovation, encouraging curiosity and the exchange of ideas, being an agent of transformation, ensuring a psychologically safe environment, where everyone feels valued and heard. And the implementation of development and well-being programs aligning the professionals’ growth objectives with those of the company.”

Luciane Silva , Vice President of People Management, Finance and Back-Office at Avivatec

“The greatest value that an HR professional can add to the development of companies is to support the construction of a culture of respect and collaboration to achieve the best results for customers, employees and society. To achieve this, it is necessary to strike a good balance between the needs of each employee and the company’s expectations and strategies. It’s about supporting both of them to walk together towards their goals.”

Luísa Aguirra , HR Manager at Alura

“By promoting an inclusive and collaborative environment, the HR professional plays a vital role in organizational success, encouraging diversity, innovation and engagement . With inclusive strategies, talent development and effective use of technology, HR drives sustainable company growth, inspiring employees to reach their full potential and elevating the company to new levels of excellence.”

Maitê Costa , HRBP at Klubi

“In this type of environment, HR professionals need to be aware of new developments and market trends to incorporate changes into their processes. Recognizing and rewarding innovative behaviors, encouraging collaboration between multidisciplinary teams and promoting a culture of acceptance of errors are fundamental. To make this possible, it is important to hire professionals who are well aligned with the company’s culture and purpose!”

Mayara Oliveira , HR Coordinator at BrandMonitor

“The ability to align people management with the organization’s objectives. By promoting innovation, HR can implement continuous development programs, encourage creativity and collaboration between teams. By adopting inclusive practices, HR ensures that diversity is valued. Finally, by focusing on competitiveness, HR can develop recruitment and retention policies that attract and retain talent, ensuring that the company is always ahead in the market.”

Michelle Andrade , Head of People at LIV Immigration Law

“HR effectively generates value in the continuous growth of organizations when it promotes the development and performance of professionals. It is also essential to spread understanding of the importance of each individual’s role in the result, encouraging personal growth and performance excellence. All this while cultivating a healthy, collaborative and diverse environment, which encourages innovation, satisfaction and team engagement.”

Rafael Pimentel , Administrative and Finance Lead at Agrotoken

“HR professionals can add significant value to an innovative company in several ways: working on strategic recruitment to attract talent with technical skills and adaptability; implementing ongoing training programs to encourage creativity; developing new skills, training people to face new challenges and, finally, developing competitive compensation packages to attract, retain and reward these talents.”

Rafaela de Oliveira , Head of People at Oxygea

“Connecting humanity and business is a big challenge for us in HR, given that we are sometimes the biggest human reference in organizations. I believe this is done by immersing yourself in the business, facilitating the unfolding of the strategy through the creation of spaces for dialogue and methodologies that provide clarity about the direction the company should follow and the contribution of each person on this journey. More than that, increasing competitiveness and innovation through spaces for dialogue anchored in a culture that values ​​diversity, representation, a safe environment to position oneself, make mistakes and deal with the most diverse uncertainties together, without stars, strengthening the constellation.”
Roberta Saragiotto , Head of People and Strategy at Start Carreiras

“Connecting people with the company’s mission is one of the greatest values ​​that we HRs can add to the business. When the team understands and aligns with the company’s mission and objectives, they feel more inspired and engaged. This alignment creates a sense of purpose, in which each goal, each project undertaken contributes to something bigger and more meaningful. Our role as HR in this process is to clearly communicate the company’s mission together with leadership, from the moment of hiring, and continue reinforcing it throughout the journey.”

Rudney Pereira Junior , Managing Partner of the consultancy BR Talent

“The greatest value that an HR professional can add, in my opinion, is the ability to attract, develop and retain talent that is truly diverse! Creating an environment where all voices are heard and valued will make the company a more competitive and innovative place. My biggest bet will always be on a diverse and well-developed team!”

Suzie Clavery , CHRO Latam at TotalPass

“The greatest value of the human resources professional is being able to be strategic to the point of directly and indirectly influencing the business results of organizations, through HR practices, such as care for the well-being and physical and mental health of employees, focus on employer branding, positive work experience and even organizational happiness, which brings competitive advantages when attracting and retaining talent. As HR professionals, our role is to help create the best work experience that allows for the healthy and joint growth of employees and the company.”

Thales Zanussi , CEO of Mission Brasil

“HR must be innovative and attentive to new technologies and tools, in addition to understanding the new ways of organizing society around work, such as applications and the internet, which will transform companies by 2030. In this digital context, HR needs to lead the way integration of these technologies and cultures into the organization, connecting and directing people.”

Thiago Balieiro , VP of People and Performance at Sorte Online

“Create an environment where people can be what the company dreams of: innovative, inclusive and competitive. The company does not exist — what exists are the people and the relationships between them. The sum of this is what we call a company. Truly strategic HR ensures that when people interact, they can produce learning for themselves, results for the business and impact on communities.”

Vera Lúcia Rett , HR Director at Partage Malls

“In companies, changes have become part of the routine, we are constantly needing to learn, develop and adapt processes. In this dynamic environment, I understand that the greatest value of the HR professional is to remain close to the business, working together with leaders to promote an ethical, transparent work environment, aligned with new technologies, facilitating access and generating value for everyone in the company.”

Vivian Oliveira , Head of HR ZapSign

“I believe that the greatest value that HR professionals can add is to promote an organizational culture with purpose, which values ​​collaboration, well-being and balance between people’s personal and professional lives without losing focus on business objectives. This includes attracting and retaining talent, training the team in relation to diversity, fostering open communication, paying attention to the team’s health, offering continuous learning opportunities, bringing tools, methodologies and using technologies to support leaders in strategic decisions and achieving the maximum potential of each profile.”

To HRs, our biggest partners, RH Pra Você wishes HR Professionals Day to be full of celebration.

By Bruno Piai